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For thousands of years we have had the best source of sustainable and renewable energy in front of our eyes and it only took the technology to provide us a means to tap into this wealth of fuel. Now, we have the best solar panels available obtainable for our own homes. If you’ve been looking for a means of fulfilling your energy needs while helping the planet, solar panels may be right for you.

About Us

Idaho Falls Solar Savers is a company that believes in the products we provide to the region, this is why we bring the best solar panel installation services in the state to your property. Whether you have a residence or small business that you’re looking to take off the grid and provide some self-sustainability, then turning to the best in residential solar panels will deliver. We bring the design and installation services you need to take advantage of the Idaho power solar program and to have your energy consumption work for you for once.

Our Services

We provide you with a range of service options that start from the moment we pick up the phone. Whether you need to know more about solar panel cost, would like to find out about Idaho solar incentives, or need to know the options available to you when it comes to solar panel installation, making the choice to call into our offices will provide you with the details you’re looking for. We bring you everything from planning to design, installation and more in order to get your property properly set up with an efficient and clean energy source.


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Solar Panel Cost

The potential cost of any new installation is always something to consider and though Idaho Falls Solar Savers would prefer to be able to provide you with upfront information, the different variables make it almost impossible. When looking for a more accurate representation of solar panel installation cost and the overall cost you can expect monthly, we invite you to make the call to Idaho Falls Solar Savers to book a free, no obligation estimate.

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Solar Power Idaho Falls

We have been bringing the Idaho Falls area the best in Idaho solar companies. Whether you’ve been hesitant on making the choice to switch over to solar or would like to better understand the Idaho power solar incentives prior to pulling the trigger, you can count on Idaho Falls Solar Savers to provide you with the required information and the means to quickly and simply book an upcoming installation service for your Idaho Falls area home.

“I called Idaho Falls Solar Savers to ask how much do solar panels cost and soon found myself engaged in exciting conversation. They are truly passionate about the service they provide, and I eventually chose to get on board. If you need a company that cares, give them a call.” – Lisa G.

Solar Power Systems

Various solar panel systems provide you with differing levels of solar reliance. Whether you’re looking for a smaller system in order to provide an alternative or looking for a whole home solar panel solution for your property, choosing to call Idaho Falls Solar Savers for information will provide you with the details you need surrounding all manner of installation types and ensuring that we can perfectly fit the needs you’re looking to fulfill for your home.

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Solar Panels Rexburg

Providing the solar panel installation that homeowners in the Rexburg area are looking for is a point of pride for Idaho Falls Solar Savers. We stand behind bringing our services to anyone in the area looking to turn their home into a more renewable source of energy consumption and are available for your needs. When looking for quality installation, inspection and more, you can count on our professionals.

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“I knew for a long time that I wanted a home solar system and finally made the call to Idaho Falls Solar Savers. They brought a lot of options when it came to panel types and level of reliance and they were really affordable compared to other companies.” – Jared M.

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Idaho Solar Incentives

One of the most common reasons behind the installation of solar panels in the Idaho Falls area is that of the savings this choice can provide. Whether you’re looking to save on your monthly bills, to raise the value of your home or to make the most of Idaho power solar incentives, you can count on the experts at Idaho Falls Solar Savers to provide you with the full range of information ahead of this decision.

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Cost of Installing Solar Panels

Knowing the overall cost of services brought to your home is important and though Idaho Falls Solar Savers would rather be able to provide you with ballpark figures that are easily accessible, the fact is that every installation is different. Depending on the solar panel system you’re looking to have installed, the size of your home and otherwise, you can depend on Idaho Falls Solar Savers for accurate information and the delivery you need.

“Idaho Falls Solar Savers had the best average price for solar panels and so I decided to get my installation from them. They really know what they’re doing and the level of passion they bring to their service is undeniable. They make it hard not to get excited about the change.” – Charles S.

Contact Us Today

Having the capability to quickly and easily get in touch with the professionals you need for solar panel information and installation is key and when making the call to Idaho Falls Solar Savers, you can count on a service that starts the moment we pick up the phone.

We are here to bring you the entire range of services you’re looking for with a single phone call and when looking to better understand the benefits of this energy choice for your home, you will find none more experienced in the region when it comes to understanding the entirety of a solar panel option.